How Insurance Company Promoted Healthy Eating Lifestyle At Work in 2018?

These days healthy eating is not only about dieting, but it’s about prioritizing the food materials that fit your body’s nutritional requirements. “And this is what one of our clients has tempted to do” said by business insurance vancouver. They truly believe in the saying that “It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t, it’s that some people are willing to change and others are not”. Once they had encountered this fact, then this insurance company in Canada followed some steps in order to ensure that agents at their workplace are following the right and healthy lifestyle. This illustration is something that you can look forward for your own insurance company as well.

Promoted Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Have a glance that how did they applied the tactics and got the best outcome:

1. They Prepared The List Of Healthy Restaurants: Initially, they made a list of all the nearby restaurant in vancouver which were offering healthy food in the adjacent radius of their office. After that, they distributed it to the employees with the rate cards so that the employees can know the healthy options and choose them instead of unhealthy ones.

2. They Organized Certain Education Campaigns: With their educational campaigns, they made sure that every agent working with them is agile of healthy eating campaigns. During this time this Canadian insurance company placed the posters throughout their workplace area. And they even made sure that every present agent has went through these posters.

3. They Provided Huge Discounts On Health Foods: Healthy food is usually expensive, so they made sure that the healthy food that is sold in their canteen was inexpensive and certain discounts were also offered to attract the employees towards the healthy food.

Consider getting some fish meals for your workplace and assure that agents working are healthy enough just like this insurance company did. Fish is one of the vastest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, eating fish is essential for your body and brain. It is loaded with valuable nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D. Fish is mainly rich in the omega-3 fatty acids. As a matter of fact these fatty acids are good for body and brain to function optimally and even help in reducing the risk of many diseases. Thus, promoting eating fish at workplace keeps the employees healthy and fit and results in an increase in productivity of their employees work. Fish helps you to be happier in the workplace because it treats and prevents depression. Studies have found that people those eat fish frequently are much less likely to become depressed. Hence, you can consider adding fish for your workers meal just like this company did.

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